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How to pray when the enemy attacks

Psalm 54 today, King David had learned that the Ziphites came and said to Saul, “We know where David is hiding.”  David was being pursued by Saul and learns these “supposed supporters” were helping the one trying to kill him!  How would you pray if you knew people were trying to persecute you, even kill you?  If you are a totally devoted follower of Jesus, this is what was happening.  You have an Enemy and his supporters who want to bring you down.  Simply stated, you have multiple enemies of your soul, plotting and scheming to kill, steal and destroy you.  SINCE this is true (for it surely is), how should we pray?  Let’s take some tips from King David who has “been there, don’t that.”

  1. Vs. 1: Ask God to come to you with great power and rescue you from the enemies!  Pray that God would defend you with all HIS might.
  2. Vs 2: Plead with God to listen and pray attention to your prayer.  Know God desires to hear your pleas!
  3. Vs 3: Tell God the problem.  For David, enemies were trying to kill him.  They don’t care for God and his will.  Identify your problem in specificity.  He does care for you.
  4. VS 4: Pray the 2 most important words in the Bible: “But God” (as David did).  It doesn’t matter how big your problem may be, “but God” is on your side.  Say with David, “But the Lord is the one who keeps me alive!”
  5. Vs 5: Even more specific is his prayer: “Turn their plans against them!”
  6. Vs 6: “But I will sacrifice voluntarily an animal to you. I will praise your name, for it is good.”  Start worshiping God.  Praise him for his goodness in your life.  Remember the other ways God has rescued you in the past.  Believe God is GOOD and his plans for you are good in spite of these vicious enemy attacks.
  7. Vs 7: Finally, like David, make a FAITH DECLARATION.  Speak to the mountain about the greatness of your God.  David said, “For you WILL rescue me from my troubles, and you WILL help me TRIUMPH over these attacks and plans.  There’s something about speaking our faith out loud, in words, to the enemies and their schemes.  It goes alongside worship and praise when the enemy attacks come.

Therefore, WHEN the plots come (and they always do and will), take some cues from King David.  He knew the problem.  He knew the solution.

Final truth: the greater the level, the greater the devil!  The closer you grow to Christ, the more schemes against you are plotted!  Even more reason to learn from a master, King David.

4 thoughts on “How to pray when the enemy attacks

  1. i keep seeing my sister in the dreams and my Aunty coming after me please help me in prayers

  2. To the comment directly above where you state that “everyone hates you and everything you put your hand to , nothing works”
    That is a lie from the pit of hell. If you love the Lord Jesus Christ and serve Him and He is your Redeemer and Savior , he is life and not death that you speak. You are uttering the words of the devil and not the truth of God.
    In the tongue is life and death and you are speaking death over yourself and expecting life to rise.
    You must know who you are in Jesus, speak life, stand on it, confess it, believe it and go in it daily in Jesus name.
    If that not be so, then every word of the Bible that we love and follow is a lie based on your words because my God says I am a winner, that He knows the plans that he has for me not to harm me but to prosper me, that He has come to give me life an abundant life, that I shall live and not die, and that is my provider, my savior, my healer, my first love, my ever present help in time of need and so much more. That is the opposite of what your speaking and you will get what you believe….ask the Lord to take your mind and make it the mind of Christ with the peace of God that passes all understanding that will guard it in Christ Jesus. If you say it all with your lips but have not in your heart and believe it, its nothing.
    If you are a believer in Jesus Christ, rise up and take it back in Jesus name
    If your not a believer, then repent and turn to the Lord while it is yet today, confess his name and ask him to come into your heart and rule as your Lord, read the word of God, tell others the decision you have made, attend a biblical based church and learn from others as well dig into the word of God, because it will speak to you just where you need to be and what you need to know. Praise the Lord for all things even when we don’t understand and go forth in Jesus mighty holy name. amen and amen

  3. Dear ChuPing: I am actually cillang my own name. Therefore, dissatisfaction makes blurs. This is a powerful statement. Thank you for spending 40 minutes watching this interview. I really have no idea if anyone will watch an English interview for 40 minutes. ( I do provide the entire Chinese translation on PPaper Business July and the coming August issue next week. )I agree with everything you said here. I also think most of readers on this blog would agree with you too.Now, the big question is what we are going to do about this Blur.I really have no answers either, except, I am trying to be the change I want to see to myself, not the world. I am really lucky that I launched my business with a clear intention: not to get big fast with an exit strategy, but just to live a life I choose to. A life that puts time and autonomy as top priority. I did have many trade offs with this life philosophy. I also accepted these trade offs and am accountable for all my decisions. I am not proud of myself in many things that I could have managed well. However, I have no regrets or what if. One thing I do know is that my life should constantly engaged with creation. Making things happened is a very important part of my mission in life.As you read my book, you know I have mentally ended my productive life when I am 80 yo. I only have 6174 days before I can be of use to anyone or society. This put you into a different perspective in life.Death is the best invention in life and the greatest equalizer in life ( Steve Jobs quote ). We all died and nothing matters. It is not a fatalist view, to me. It is a reminder that forces you to focus what matters. Other people matters.This is why Daymaking and positive energy is important before we all leave our bodies one day.Yes, I am happier for who I am now. Thank you for asking Happier not just Happy . Life, like everything on earth, is a relative concept. It is not how happy you are, but, how happier you are. We all can be happier if we accept our state of mind and situation.I also totally agree with you that all young people if they could go to abroad and learn how to live independently and embrace all uncertainties when they are alone in a foreign land. I am worry about Taiwan’s youths that stop venturing abroad and seek comfort and certainty. Studying, working, living abroad have made who I am now. We need these dots to connect our life with a full circle.Please continue our sharing and we must meet one day. Love,Ping

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