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Today’s Moments of Hope: Love, Harmony, Contentment, Prosperity and Peace

I love the following Chinese proverb.  It expresses much of what I believe:

When there is love in a marriage, there is harmony in the home;

When there is harmony in the home, there is contentment in the community;

When there is contentment in the community, there is prosperity in the nation.

When there is prosperity in the nation, there is peace in the world.

Maybe I’m just an aging nostalgic, but I really do believe that the health of the individual family is the key to world peace!  I believe the Bible verse, in Psalm 127:1 is true: “Unless the Lord builds the house, all those who strive are laboring in vain.”  The verse is saying that unless all is right in the home, everything else in the nation and in the world is going to go wrong!

The Bible knows this is true.  The Chinese, in this proverb, believed it to be true.

Where do we begin?  By going home and loving our spouse and children.  There lies the key to world peace.

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